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Gmail's web app adds multiple accounts, mobile signature


I do have my Gmail account connected to my iPhone's Mail app through IMAP, but occasionally there are still times (mostly when searching my archived mail) that I need to use the mobile Safari web app version of the popular mail service. So it's good to hear that Google is still updating that feature. Just recently, Google has added the option to use multiple accounts through the web app. You can even set up URLs for each account to use and set up a special mobile signature to use specifically when you send mail from the mobile web app.

There's also the ability to set up vacation messages for the account, so even while you're out on vacation, you can turn on an "away-from-keyboard" notice. That way Janice from accounting doesn't wonder why you're not responding to her emails about that unpaid invoice.

The additions aren't huge; they're mostly standard features that are just new to this version of the service. There are still quite a few reasons to pull up the web version of Gmail, and an update like this makes things easier for those times. Despite all of its issues, I would still recommend hooking up your Gmail to the iPhone's mail app, but having the web service to use when you want is very helpful.

[via App Advice]

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