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One Shots: Flying high

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes offers its players a wide variety of mounts, including several with the ability to take flight. Massively reader Korvin took advantage of this to add to our One Shots lineup:
This is the Kojan archipelago, and the place is Jalen's crossing, not so far from Caia'l Brael, the starting place for Wood Elf and Raki races. Here you can hire a flying pegasus to get yourself to Arks of Harmony (the group of floating islands in the screenshot). Jalen's Crossing is a gigantic bridge that connects Youthgreen island with the eastern islands and was built and protected by Raki. Raki are a foxlike race whose members fled their homeland after it was destroyed by the Ulvari. The Arks of Harmony became their safe haven and a place to store important information on how to protect themselves from future threats.
We're all about looking up this week on One Shots! Show us your favorite aerial image -- whether it be taken from the ground looking up or from atop a high-flying mount or tall perch, we want to see!

Next week we're throwing the ball back to you. There's no theme and no requirement; just send us your favorite screenshots and tell us why you love them. Add your name and a little bit about the image, send it in to, and we'll feature it in this week's One Shots!

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