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Max Payne 3 trailer, now with informative pop ups

Jordan Mallory

"Hey rookie, got another post for ya."

Chief Grant tossed a manilla file folder onto my desk, acrid cigar smoke pouring from his mouth as he walked by. His brightly colored suspenders contrasted his gruff, guttural disposition and worried brow. The haphazard mess of papers spilled out of the folder like blood into my hands, and the face of Max Payne filled my vision.

"But Chief," I said. "Our readers have already seen this
Max Payne 3 trailer."

Chief Grant stopped dead in his tracks, like a dead thing. He took the cigar from his mouth and looked at me with his cold, lifeless eyes.

"Not like this," he said.

As I sat back down at my desk, the evening's orange glow painted shadows through the blinds. In the distance, some other film noir stuff happened.

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