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XL Games teases new ArcheAge screenshots

Jef Reahard

ArcheAge may be a ways off from its North American and European debut, but that's not stopping fans of XL Games' upcoming sandpark from scouring the far corners of the web for the latest news.

Today we've got a few new screenshots for you to ogle, and they cover everything from the fantasy title's stunning naturescapes, to some newly revealed personal-sized boats, to what appears to be one of the hang-gliders from the ChinaJoy trailer released earlier this year. Fan site ArcheAge Online has the details, and the source article says that XL is teasing these shots as a quick preview of what players can expect during the fourth phase of Korean closed beta testing.

CBT4 doesn't have a fixed schedule as of yet, but we'll keep you up to date on it, as well as all the latest ArcheAge news as it happens.

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