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Gameloft optimizing titles for Sony tablets

Jordan Mallory

Competition is healthy for a free-market economy, especially in the consumer electronics industry, and when a product quits being "the" product and becomes "a" product among many, it is ultimately the buyer who wins. At the moment, no consumer product is more the product than Apple's iPad, so much so that "iPad" is slowly becoming synonymous with "tablet," much in the way "iPod" became a synonym for "MP3 player."

Countless Android tablets have failed to change the iPad's status from "the" thing to "a" thing, and while the majority of them suffer from a deadly combination of cheap construction and high prices, even incredibly well designed examples have failed to compete the wealth of tablet-optimized games available on the App Store.

In an effort to circumvent this ecosystem-wide content drought, Sony has struck a deal with one of iOS' most prominent developers: Gameloft. The French development studio plans to release 5 titles for Sony's Tablet P and Tablet S devices: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, NOVA 2: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD, Real Soccer 2011 HD and Green Farm HD.

No word on pricing or availability, however Gameloft says that each game has been "optimized for, and will be directly accessible on Sony's upcoming tablets." The press release makes no mention of the Android Marketplace, however it also doesn't explicitly name the titles as Sony exclusives. Even so, people love them some Gameloft games, and tablet-optimized versions will only help intensify the competitive climate, regardless of whose tablets actually receive the titles.

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