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Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard patch notes are up!


Denizens of Middle-earth, the big day is almost here! Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard goes live tomorrow, and Turbine has prepared a fresh, pipin'-hot batch of patch notes for your perusal. So what do players have to look forward to? Well, there are three new zones -- the Gap of Rohan, Dunland, and (duh) Isengard -- as well as 10 additional levels of content. Lore-fiends will be able to play through one of the largest Book questlines to date, while those of a more pugilistic persuasion can square off with the gargantuan Draigoch in a 24-player raid.

All nine classes have received updates as well, so no matter what you play, there are plenty of goodies in store. Free players can now take part in monster play, which should hopefully bring a bit more conflict to the Ettenmoors. Crafters aren't getting left in the cold, either, as the update introduces tier 7 crafting and a "slew of new recipes." For the full, unabridged patch notes, head on over to the LotRO official site and take a gander. See you folks in Isengard!

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