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Samsung tablet to face further delay in Australia


Samsung was handed down another setback in its Australian court battle with Apple. Last month, the South Korean company decided to voluntarily delay the launch of the Galaxy Tab in Australia until Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett could make a decision on Apple's request for an injunction. A hearing was held yesterday and Bennett has said she may grant Apple a short injunction to give her time to review the legal arguments presented by both sides in this case. This delay could push out the launch of the Galaxy Tab into next month.

Instead of waiting for her decision, Bennet urged the two sides to start their patent infringement case as soon as possible. Samsung's legal counsel David Catterns notes that a patent case could last well into next year, until the iPad Galaxy Tab 9 is being sold, but the company is not backing down against Apple. "This is a high-stakes fight," Catterns said, "This is where we draw the line."

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