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Take a stroll down Dead Nation's 'Road of Devastation' today


Housemarque is capitalizing on the audience boost Dead Nation got as a "Welcome Back" game, offering a new DLC package to the recently teeming millions of people who have picked up the top-down zombie shooter.

The "Road to Devastation" DLC pack will be out sometime this afternoon (for $3.99) as part of the weekly PSN update. It puts the player in the role of a genetically engineered zombie killing machine at a literal crossroads. "Before long," designer Petteri Putkonen says on the PlayStation Blog, "you'll find your choices have great meaning, you just might find yourself at the crossroads again, but, that time the road you took has been closed, so you'll make a new decision based on the new weapons, items, money and armor (or perhaps score) you'll have by then."

With the new environment comes some new environmental hazards you can use against zombies. Industrial saws, pools of water that can be electrified, electric fences, and even automatic turrets can be used to make the undead hordes into un-undead hordes.

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