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Toshiba prepping new 560Mbps TransferJet chip


So, TransferJet hasn't exactly taken off the way many had hoped, especially Sony which crammed the wireless tech into CyberShot cameras and Memory Sticks. But some, like Toshiba, are still holding on to the dream. By the end of January 2012 Tosh plans to ship samples of its new TC35420 TransferJet chip to manufacturers, which can move files at an impressive 560Mbps. The short-range, high-speed sharing protocol could make moving photos, videos and other media between your smartphones, tablets and laptops quick and easy... or it could just become another feature that lies dormant in a few select products collecting piles of virtual dust. It only started showing up in products last year, so we're not ready to put a nail in its coffin just yet -- we'll just have to see if the tech can finally live up to it promise of painless connectivity.

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