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PSP Legend of Heroes sequel being updated for Vita


In addition to the new PSP Legend of Heroes game, the Vita remake of Ys IV, and another mysterious PSP project, Nihon Falcom has another game in store -- a Vita update of the PSP Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki (the second game in the PSP trilogy that started with Trails in the Sky).

Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Version will have voice acting (obviously), though the new site specifies only "event scenes." It's likely to have other enhancements as well, as it's a collaboration between three companies: Falcom, Chara-Ani (which sells tie-in goods for games and anime), and Pyramid (a company that appears to assist with game development, with roles in the creation of the Patapon games and El Shaddai).

Neither version of Zero no Kiseki has been announced for North America yet; hopefully Trails in the Sky publisher Xseed will just go ahead and license them both at once.

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