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Scope of Beyond Good & Evil 2 requires next-gen consoles


We already had a pretty clear notion that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was destined for the next generation of consoles, and now Michel Ancel has shed some light on the issue. Speaking to GamesRadar, Ancel stated that the scope of the first Beyond Good & Evil was "large" – including "the city, the ocean, the moon and the space ship" – but it was originally intended to be much larger.

The space ship, said Ancel, was originally intended to travel to distant planets, but the limitations of PS2 era consoles hindered the game's vision. "My thing is that we really want to make the game that was previously imagined, with all this feeling of traveling," said Ancel, citing Mass Effect as a good example of the concept. The development team at Ubisoft hopes to "continue in that direction, with storytelling and a massive world," so much so that, apparently, current generation consoles just won't cut it.

Check out the full interview for more on the original Beyond Good & Evil, Rayman Origins and Ancel's development philosophy.

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