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Hudson: New Bloody Roar title 'in production'

Jordan Mallory

The fighting game renaissance is in full swing, with massively successful titles still in the rear-view mirror, and highly anticipated fighters coming strong and steady in the near future and beyond. The soul still burns, or something, so it makes perfect sense for Hudson to announce the production of a new Bloody Roar title via Twitter.

No other concrete information is available as of yet, but the #BloodyRoarProject2012 and #BloodyRoar5 hashtags used in the tweet are implicit enough to get the rumor mill running at full till. Bloody Roar, if you'll recall, is the Tekken-esque 3D fighting series characterized by its transforming, anthropomorphized animal fighters, which has been dormant since 2003's Bloody Roar 4. Also dormant? Our ability to see, thanks to Hudson's blinding font colors.

[Thanks, Dean!]

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