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Creative firm declares Steve Jobs Day on October 14


A creative agency named Studiocom has started up a movement to name October 14 as Steve Jobs Day, in order to honor admire and pay tribute to the great Apple Chairman of the Board. The movement is completely unofficial, but the firm wants to get action going on social networks, and even encourage Jobs fans to dress up like their hero in real life and talk about Jobs and his work at Apple with their friends.

Sure, it may be a little weird to dedicate a day to someone who's already received so many honors (not to mention has made so much money for his company -- simply buying his products is probably tribute enough for Jobs, brilliant as he is), but then again, I often celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, and this is slightly more productive than that one. So if you want to join in the celebration of Steve Jobs Day, mark your calendar for October 14.

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