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WSJ: upcoming iPhone will not support 4G LTE or WiMAX


The Wall Street Journal is chiming in with a last-minute rumor suggesting the iPhone will not support 4G LTE or WiMAX. The next generation Apple handset will be a 3G only device similar to the current iPhone 4. This information contradicts a widely circulating rumor from BGR that claimed the iPhone 5 would support WiMAX and debut as a Sprint exclusive.

This WSJ revelation that the next iPhone will be 3G is not surprising. Earlier this year, Tim Cook confirmed in an earnings conference call that Apple would delay adopting LTE until the second generation chipsets hit the market. The current LTE radios were too bulky to fit the strict design requirements of the iPhone.

The next generation LTE radios may offer a smaller and more energy efficient design that'll accomodate future iPhones. WiMAX is also an unlikely candidate as it is a dying 4G technology. Sprint is expected to turn off its WiMAX network and switch to LTE in the upcoming year.

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