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Motorola Xoom Family Edition pops up at retail sporting kid-friendly software


Now that Motorola's Xoom is ready to rock out on 4G LTE connections, the only thing missing from the original 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet is a nice suite of edutainment software... wait, what? Whether or not that's what you asked for, it appears to be what Motorola's giving you judging by this "Family Edition" branded Xoom that just showed up at a big box electronics store. While there's still no hint of the subwoofer-equipped Xoom 2 Media Edition that's been rumored, this model is differentiated by the addition of a Kid Mode with $40 of software for kids from Zoodles (trailer after the break) packed-in. We don't have a release date or official pricing yet, but we'd expect to see the MZ505 on shelves sooner rather than later, but for now just check out a few more pics in the gallery below.

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