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Red Orchestra 2 wants to patch your game, erase your stats


Tonight, Red Orchestra 2 will be performing a selection of its classic hits, including, "Bugs and Glitches," "Tripwire on Fire" and its most recent single, "This Patch will Erase All of your Player Stats." All of these songs are inspired by a true story -- Friday's Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad patch fixes many of the game's glitches, including ones that gave players unearned stat raises and achievements, but it will also reset all players' stats to zero.

This amounts to roughly three weeks of glitch-enabled stat gathering for many players, but Tripwire said it's the only way to maintain the integrity of the entire stat system. To compensate these players, Tripwire is handing out an "In B4 Reset" achievement and plans to award those who have it in the future. The next few weeks will also see double experience points for all players.

This is unfortunate, but not game-ending -- we would suggest against whining about it, because Red Orchestra's tiny violin is just a pet name for this.

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