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Star Trek's Online path to F2P delves into Lore Missions


Star Trek Online's path to F2P continues today with a sneak-peek at the game's upcoming Lore Missions. It's no secret that Star Trek has quite the hardcore following of lore junkies whose very lifeblood is fueled by the franchise's canon. In light of this, Cryptic is introducing Lore Missions, which are "non-combat daily missions available to all Federation and Klingon Defense Force characters."

Completing a Lore Mission will grant players a history datachip, and each datachip contains a record of a piece of the timeline that spans between Star Trek: Nemesis and the current year 2409. The missions will also test players on their lore knowledge, and correct answers will grant a reward which includes the much sought-after Dilithium Ore.

There's much more in store for Lore Missions in the future, as well. Future installments will include "stories from the Federation's past, tales of the great heroes of the Empire, briefings on the many antagonists in Star Trek Online and more." So get out there and start researching, people!

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