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Survey: iPad is Kindle Fire-proof


A site called, which calls itself an "opinion based community," says that consumers it's polled about the recently announced Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon don't think Apple's iPad has much to worry about. One of the site's recent polls has 61 percent of the audience saying the iPad will stay up on top as the tablet of choice. As SodaHead goes up the income scale, that opinion only gets stronger -- a whopping 94 percent of consumers who say they make more than $100,000 a year say the iPad will stay king.

That's not too surprising, especially since Apple has always aimed for a higher price point anyway. When you get back into the middle income range, SodaHead says things are much more split: in the income range of $25k to $100k per year (which is where the majority of the US sits), only 54 percent of the audience covets an iPad, with a more reasonable 46 percent aiming to give the Fire a try.

The Fire's price does make it more intriguing to people who might not want to invest in an iPad. But Apple's tablet is already a runaway success, and if the Fire does provide a little competitive demand (or maybe even some features that push Apple towards even more innovation), then that's probably a good thing for all of us consumers.

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