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Adidas and EA team up on 'NFS: The Run'-ning shoe

Electronic Arts and Adidas collaborated to produce 100 pair of shoes tied into Need for Speed: The Run. The shoes, beyond an NFS detail, look like they were discovered in some box at the back of the Adidas warehouse, intended as a promo piece for the 1992 Spike Lee joint Malcolm X.

"Our goal with Need for Speed is to be more than just a video game franchise, as we view ourselves as a leader in youth and automotive culture as well," said Kevin Maher, senior director of marketing at EA, as our eyes widened at the hubris.

The first 50 pair of shoes will be available at the Adidas Originals Chicago store on October 10, with another 50 available at the San Francisco store on October 22. The first to purchase the shoes will be invited to "exclusive kick-off" events at the stores a few days later.

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