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A while ago I wrote about four websites that need iPad apps: Facebook, Mint, LinkedIn, and Google Docs. Facebook stepped up to the plate, and now an official rep has confirmed publicly what two Mint employees had told me in private a while ago: the iPad app is coming soon.

In a tweet posted October 11th, Mint mobile designer Jaanus Kase said "the @mint iPad app is nearly done and will be out very shortly." He followed that up three days later with a posting on Mint's satisfaction forums which states that the next Mint app will be universal (both for iPhone and iPad) and that it will require iOS 5, which is one of the reasons the company could not release it before now.

Also, for those of you with iPhone 3G units, the new Mint app will not work since the maximum iOS on that device is 4.2.1. However, Kase states that Mint will continue to support its current iOS app for those running iOS 4.

LinkedIn and Google Docs? The spotlight's on you now.

Hat tip to reader Tim B.

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