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Today in WoW: Monday, Oct. 17, 2011 -- Cataclysm is absolutely not the last expansion


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Blue posts

Zarhym -- Cataclysm is not the last expansion

Tier 13 must be the last tier in Cataclysm, but is it over for the game? Is Cataclysm are the final expansion of the game, or are you still making the next expansion with new classes and races, and expand the level cap to 90 or something?

If the Cataclysm is the final expansion of the game, then are you going to start a new World of Warcraft game called "World of Warcraft 2", or are you done yet?

Cataclysm is absolutely not the last expansion. We have plenty of vigor left in us yet. :)

PTR Testing Schedule - Oct. 17 and 18
Today and tomorrow we're going to try and test the remaining bosses in Dragon Soul on 10 player difficulty.

Oct 17
14:30 PDT - Warlord Zon'ozz (10 Player)
16:30 PDT - Hagara (10 Player)

Oct 18
10:15 PDT – Ultraxion (10 Player)
11:45 PDT – Warmaster Blackhorn (10 Player)
14:30 PDT – Spine of Deathwing (10 Player)
16:30 PDT – Madness of Deathwing (10 Player)

There will be additional testing scheduled in the upcoming weeks including 25 player and Heroic difficulties, both in the morning and afternoon. There will not be any testing during Blizzcon.

As always, the scheduling for PTR testing will be VERY fluid. Tests can be announced, canceled, or rescheduled at a moment's notice depending on build and server status, outstanding bugs, etc. I will try to give as much advance notice about tests, but that is not always possible. Also note that these encounters are all works in progress.

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