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Official plush Portal turrets deploying this December


We've seen our share of homemade Portal turrets, even huggable ones. What we haven't seen, until today, is an official (and huggable) Portal turret that doesn't require crafting skills and a significant time investment. Enter ThinkGeek, which will exclusively offer its plushie Portal turret this December.

The adorable menace comes complete with a glowing red eye and motion detector, and will spout its trademark lines when someone (or an unsuspecting pet) saunters by. The turret even has context appropriate quotes when it is picked up or knocked over ("critical error," etc). The plushie goes on sale in mid-December. Interested test subjects can sign up for an email notification of its availability over at ThinkGeek.

Unlike real Aperture Science turrets, it appears the plush model only comes in one color.

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