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Torchlight 2 still scheduled for late 2011 (barring death or illness)


Anticipated dungeon crawler Torchlight 2 has a minor update to its launch window, with Runic telling that the title is expected to launch during November or December ... unless "someone on the team dies." That's a far more calamitous caveat compared to what Runic told us when we checked in with the studio a couple weeks ago.

"We're still definitely on track for 2011, but have to hit all our internal milestones before we can lock in a date," Runic community maven Wonder Russell told Joystiq. "With a team this small, if one of our three programmers gets the flu, we could be screwed."

Torchlight fans should be sewing pillow suits of armor and force-feeding the devs their Flintstone vitamins, just to make sure that the $20 co-op dungeon crawler makes it out this year.

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