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Diablo 3 limited edition includes Diablo 2, Diablo skull USB drive


Hey, remember that amazing StarCraft 2 special edition? You know, the huge one, with the full sized art book, and the USB drive with Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War? And the WoW pet? Man, that was sweet.

Well we hope you like Diablo 3, because, like, that's pretty much exactly what they're doing for the Diablo 3 Limited Edition. Announced at today's Blizzcon press conference, the Limited edition will also come with a behind-the-scenes DVD. Diablo 2 will be included in the box on a special USB drive (in a holder shaped like freaking Diablo's skull), and, for users who register their LE, an in-game mount for WoW, Tyrael's Charger. And don't forget that giant art book.

So. Awesome.

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