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Unleash your imagination in an organized way with Nevigo's game-narrative tool


Crafting a complex, logical and engaging story is difficult enough on a linear level, but building an entire world of diverging options, storylines, conversations and endings in a video game is an especially trying process. As artists ourselves, we sympathize with the plight of video-game writers and encourage them to find a process that works with their individual creativity, such as articy:draft, the "first" professional narrative-design program from Nevigo.

The above video demonstrates how articy:draft's use of "flow fragments" and a visual writing template can help eliminate plot holes, logical flaws and dead ends in convoluted stories. "Game writers can now craft non-linear plots easily," Nevigo CEO Kai Rosenkranz (Heads!) said. "The era of post-its on walls is finally over."

Whoa -- we were with you until the sticky note thing, buddy. We happen to like our walls covered in incomprehensible post-it notes; it adds a sense of psychotic drama to the office and makes us look like we're doing important, semi-permanent things in vague, scribbled descriptions, such as, "take the left fork and the right spoon," "CAROLINE" and "Yes, but we need it in Hunter Green." Call us purists, but we'll keep our sticky notes, thanks. Now if only we could find the minutes from that meeting on the importance of organization, we'll be set.

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