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Facebook looking to expand Credits to other gaming portals

Jordan Mallory

Facebook's thick, sinewy tendrils continue to twist and worm their way through every facet of the internet's expansive infrastructure, as the social giant has unceremoniously announced plans to expand the Facebook Credits system to other sites. Sandwiched between payment system and graph API updates on the Platform Update developers blog, the brief entry names Gamehouse's Collapse! Blast as the project's initial testbed, adding that interested developers should get in touch.

Rather than using Paypal or their credit cards, users now sign into Collapse! Blast via Facebook, at which point their existing Facebook Credits can be spent on virtual goods. Should the expansion progress beyond these initial testing phases, Facebook Credits may provide appsperience developers with a solution that's easier and cheaper to implement than a proprietary one. Facebook's massive existing install base doesn't hurt things either, and since adoption is the key to standardization, maybe this is the first step towards a Star Trek-esque credits-based utopian future society.

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