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Daily iPhone App: Whale Trail


Whale Trail is a catchy little game that combines a few of my favorites lately into a cotton candy sweet package. Jetpack Joyride is in there, as you need to press on the screen to move upwards and avoid obstacles. Tiny Wings is in there too, as you keep a cute little whale flying using swooping patterns to stay up in the air. And Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) is in there too, as a goofy little song plays for you while flying along.

In short, it's cute, fun, and pretty darn addictive. The polish on this one is excellent -- the graphics are as airy and light as the sound effects, and while the story itself is nonsensical, the controls definitely aren't. You can do some pretty precise swinging with this little whale. A frenzy mechanic will keep you chasing down the various routes available as the game goes on, and Game Center integration offers up plenty of achievements to go after as well.

Whale Trail is an excellent title -- simple but fun, and perfect for the iPhone. It's available on the App Store right now for 99 cents.

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