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Trion Worlds may go public following RIFT's success


Want to own a piece of your favorite MMO studio? If you're a fan of Trion Worlds, then you may yet get your chance.

The company announced that it is mulling over a decision to put the company on the market with an IPO. CEO Lars Buttler says that it's just a matter of time at this point: "As we build scale and become more profitable, [an IPO] is clearly on our horizon at some point. We've had a lot of bankers coming to us recently. We keep all of our options open at this point. We definitely have enough substance and enough skill to be a public company at the right time."

Trion has been doing well for itself lately, as it's doubled its staff in 2011 and raised $100 million from investments since 2007. RIFT's success has helped to convince the company that an IPO is a solid move. "RIFT is vastly profitable. It is profitable every single week and every single month," Buttler said.

RIFT isn't Trion's only project, as the company is working on End of Nations, Defiance, and the Red Door publishing platform.

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