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New Dark Age of Camelot patch introduces New User Experience, RvR changes


It's a big day for Dark Age of Camelot players, as patch 1.110 is going live today. The update includes the revamped New User Journey, which redesigns the tutorial and many mainland areas in each of the three realms in order to "make character progression more efficient and enjoyable than ever before." And of course, DAoC is all about the RvR, so many updates have been made to the game's Battlegrounds in an attempt to make them a "one-stop source for character progression and RvR action through level 49."

A number of UI updates have been made as well, which should hopefully make the game more user-friendly and customizable. Balance passes have been made on all classes, with some classes being given free respecs to account for the changes. All-in-all, it seems to be a rather comprehensive update to the game, so if you're a denizen of DAoC, head on over and check out the changes.

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