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Magicka takes on Cthulhu and Minecraft in The Stars are Left expansion

Have you and your three wizardly cohorts blown up everything in the universe using your crossbred incantations? No, friend, you haven't. Just ask the subtitle of Magicka's recently announced expansion: The Stars are Left. The add-on isn't just a commentary on your failure to destroy heavenly bodies; it will add a whole new campaign to the title featuring a "horror-mystery inspired by the popular Cthulhu Mythos." Cthul-who? (We kid.)

The campaign, which is set to launch this Winter, will feature new enemies and (assumedly tentacle-faced) bosses, items and, according to a fact sheet sent to us by Paradox Interactive, "we make fun of Minecraft this time." Man, it's about time someone took that game down a peg.

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Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu Magicka Wgah'nagl Fhtagn
Magicka Gets R'lyeh Creepy in Newest, Biggest Expansion Yet

NEW YORK - October 27, 2011 - Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Studios have exciting news for Magicka fans, straight from the Inn's Mouth: Everybody's favorite magical multiplayer massacre is taking on an all-new adventure in Magicka: The Stars are Left. Designed for players who love to craft the hundreds of different spells available in Magicka, this new campaign will pit up to four wizards at once against a horror-mystery inspired by the popular Cthulhu Mythos. The Stars are Left will boast a much requested feature from the players – a new adventure campaign, including several terrifying new enemies, bosses awakened from the depths of insanity, and several other miscellaneous Miskatonic minions. Other spoofs ending in "-craft" may or may not also be included.

In an act described by industry colleagues as "more insane than a black goat with a thousand young," Magicka: The Stars are Left will be available not only to players who purchase the expansion, but to all of their friends, as well. So long as the host player in a co-op group owns the content, every one of their co-wizards will be able to co-experience the mind-killing terror of the new expansion.

The Stars are Left includes:

• An all-new adventure, several levels long, allowing players to get lost in space and time
• 2 new challenge maps
• 2 new robes
• 2 new bosses
• 5 new achievements
• 7 new enemies
• Considerably more than 2 new items and Magicks
• Also, we make fun of Minecraft this time

Magicka: The Stars are Left is scheduled to launch this winter.

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