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Daily iPhone App: Dark Meadow


Dark Meadow isn't really my kind of app -- it's a little too scary for my tastes, and I tend to gravitate away from scary games in general. But we did mention it as a quality app in our recent Halloween roundup, and a new update for the app increases the game's level cap, adds a New Game+ option so you can go back into the fray after completing the game for the first time, and optimizes the game for iPhone 4S users.

The game is sort of an RPG, though it's basically just an excuse for you to explore the location and story of a mysterious hospital, all rendered in beautiful Unreal Engine 3 graphics. As you can see above, the game looks great, All of your actions are gesture-based, sort of like Infinity Blade. The game's probably not all that scary for you hardcore game players, but I hear this one evokes a strong mood, and I'm a chicken.

If you're interested, you can play Dark Meadow as a universal app now for just $1.99, on sale for the update. Happy Halloween! Just don't get too scared yourself.

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