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League of Legends spotlight introduces Shyvana, the Half-Dragon


Earlier this week, Riot Games released details of League of Legends' Shyvana patch, including small nerfs to champion Graves and some much-needed buffs for Shaco and Wukong. Each patch is named for the champion it introduces, and this time it's the turn of melee champion Shyvana to take center stage. Shyvana excels at dealing damage to one target and scales up extremely well with attack speed, as each of her abilities modifies her basic attacks. Twin Strike causes Shyvana's next basic attack to hit twice, Burnout increases her movement speed and deals damage in a radius, and Flame Breath deals damage to a target and lowers its armour.

Where Shyvana really comes into her own is with her ultimate -- a spell with no cooldown that transforms her into a dragon. Shyvana leaps in the target direction and deals damage to everything in the area as she transforms, and gains bonus armour and damage while in dragon form. Shyvana must gain 100 fury by landing enough basic melee attacks before she can transform, and while in dragon form her fury meter depletes over time. Fury is still gained by landing melee attacks while in dragon form, which can be used to extend the duration of the form.

Skip past the cut to watch the full League of Legends Shyvana champion spotlight video in HD.

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