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New Alan Wake, BioWare game, and MGS Rising details at VGAs


Geoff Keighley has begun ramping up the excitement for the VGA show coming December 10, revealing some of the surprises coming up at the Spike event -- but, of course, only enough that they'll still be surprises.

"Alan Wake returns," he tweeted, "and BioWare unveils a new game from a new studio." In addition, Hideo Kojima will reveal "the truth about Metal Gear Solid: Rising." Man, remember Metal Gear Solid: Rising?

Keighley isn't hogging all the exclusives for Spike, having graciously shared "teaser images" of the new announcements with Game Informer, who is itself no stranger to exclusives, for the December issue. Rest assured, we'll get you all the info as soon as the game media's "1%" allow it to trickle down to your prole pals at Joystiq.

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