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New Alan Wake is an XBLA game


The new Alan Wake game to be revealed at the Spike VGAs will be for Xbox Live Arcade. This was first noted as a correction in a tweet by Game Informer news editor Jim Reilly, who clarified that it's a downloadable game, and "not Alan Wake 2." The announcement was confirmed on the Alan Wake Facebook page, which also asks "Are you ready to become the Champion of Light?" We'll see the first screenshot on GI's website on Monday.

These details are in keeping with reports we've received in the past. In May, Remedy head of development Oskari Häkkinen told Joystiq that a new Alan Wake project was in progress, but was not Alan Wake 2, and "neither will it be DLC." That report also offered a fall release window, which is seeming unlikely at this point. Later that same month, a rumor popped up outing the next game as "Alan Wake's Night Springs" for XBLA.

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