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Taiwanese government approves iPhone 4S for sale


The Taiwanese National Communications Commission (NCC) has approved the iPhone 4S, paving the way for the handset to go on sale in the local market. The iPhone 4S debuted on October 14 and is now available in 29 countries worldwide. Just yesterday, Apple announced the Siri-powered handset will land in an additional 15 countries starting November 11. Taiwan was not included in this latest list, but locals are hopeful they will see the handset by the end of the year.

When the iPhone 4S was announced this fall, Apple confirmed it would sell the phone in 70 countries worldwide. By November 11, the handset will have reached 44 countries, leaving 26 countries on the waiting list. Now that the handset has received approval from the NCC, there's a good chance Taiwan could be part of a third or fourth wave of international handset sales.

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