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Activision releases ProtoSlice iOS app to promote Prototype 2


This is interesting -- Activision has apparently teamed up with an iOS developer to release a promotional game for its upcoming title Prototype 2. ProtoSlice is now available as a free download from the App Store, and it's made by the creators of Slice HD, a developer named SmallBall. The new game is very similar to the old one (which itself reminds me of Hand of Greed), in that you need to try and use your real finger to press a fake button, all while dodging virtual blades. Of course, in ProtoSlice, you're dodging Prototype-themed blades, and you can win new screenshots of Activision's game by finishing levels.

The game is free, so if you're looking forward to Prototype 2, downloading this one is a no-brainer. But even more interesting about this game is simply the fact that it exists. Activision has experienced a little success on the App Store with its Call of Duty: Zombies app, but we haven't seen a lot of action from them lately. Other publishers like EA have learned a lot more from iOS, both seeing big success with apps and app sales, and even acquiring companies who know how to make iPhone and iPad games. Activision has been relatively silent on this front for the past year or so, but this release indicates what the company really thinks of iOS so far: It works best, apparently, as a vehicle for promoting console games, not an actual game platform itself.

This is one release, of course. We do know that Activision is set to release iOS apps for the upcoming Call of Duty Elite metagaming service for its big Call of Duty series, so it's very possible there are other strategies in the works for the big publisher on Apple's platform. But we haven't seen any of that yet -- ProtoSlice is a clear sign so far that Activision isn't necessarily taking iOS seriously as an actual gaming platform.

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