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Deus Ex: Human Revolution sales show who will dominate in the cyborg future


Square Enix's revolution was successful, so grab your metal limbs and augmented-reality eye implants -- Deus Ex: Human Revolution sold 2.18 million copies across all platforms, Square's bi-annual fiscal report says. Just 800,000 of that total was sold in the U.S., while Human Revolution sold 1.38 million copies across Europe. Which means only one thing: Europe is prepared for the future, while the U.S. remains blissfully unaware of the impending transhumanist movement. Which side of the electrified fence do you want to be on?

Dungeon Siege 3 sold better in Europe as well, racking 480,000 sales, while the U.S. bought 320,000 and Japan a mere 20,000. When the transdragonists begin to rain neon hellfire from above, we'll know where to go.

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