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Found: Apple sneaks in a very cool Apple TV 2 screensaver

Mel Martin

Apple is sometimes known for adding little features and not giving them much notice. A case in point is the recent 4.4 update for the Apple TV 2. Noodling around the other night, I noticed a new screensaver called Photo Wall. I selected it, and the Apple TV put my photos in a variety of frames, some with mattes, that slid slowly across the screen from left to right. It was sort of like walking in an art museum.

This wasn't the only surprise. At a certain point, the Apple TV did a cool little 3D move that looked like I was going around a corner and more photos appeared. It's a nice way to display your favorite photos, and had I not stumbled on it, I would never know it was there.

Apple also added 2 more screensavers, one called Flip-up, the other is called Shifting Tiles. I think Photo Wall is the best of the new ones, but you may have your own thoughts.

If you have an Apple TV 2, be sure to check these out, and let us know what you think. There is no easy way to capture a screen from a TV, but I used my trusty iPhone and have some examples in the gallery.

Gallery: Photo Wall screensaver on Apple tV2 | 3 Photos

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