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The droid nobody was looking for: an R2-D2 MP4 player


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We all know the story of how Artoo braved the sands of Tatooine to deliver Princess Leia's message to old Ben, but we never guessed that he encoded it as an MP4. Leave it to Toys 'R' Us to set the story straight: R2-D2 was a music player, C-3P0 was an overcomplicated set of earbuds, and MPEG-4 is apparently a galactic standard music format. Who knew? According to the droid's product page, it can hold up to 500 songs on 2GB of internal storage. There's also a questionable image (we're looking at you, Empire Photoshop brigade) promising video playback, photo storage, extras, settings and some sort of recording feature. We aren't sure if this choppy image can be trusted, but we're thinking about sending out some Bothan spies to investigate.

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