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The WoW Insider Show Episode 219: Matt 'n' Mat


Every week, join us as we present you with The WoW Insider Show podcast -- an hour's worth of WoW community discussion covering everything from the week's top stories here on WoW Insider to emails from our readers and what's been going on with our particular characters in Azeroth.

This week's topics include: Want to have your question answered on the air? Email! This week's emails answered on the show include:

Rokku writes in and asks:

Hey guys, love the show, and sorry for the long question.

It seems as through the prevailing opinion of WoWInsider is that 4.3 will bring a lot of content (Rossi mentioned this in a recent Show, and the same has been echoed in several Queues). Given that MoP may have a summer release date (as an early estimate), do you feel as though the content will be enough? Even with Raid Finder and the new heroics, there doesn't seem to be that much to -do- for less raid-oriented folks over what may be a six month period.

This seems in part confirmed (in a cynical tin-foil-hat theory way) by the annual pass: Blizzard insuring themselves against subscription drops over a period of relatively little content.

Boogyman writes:

Ive always felt that quests which relate to your class, race or even faction make you feel more engaged and better keep your attention. My idea was that at max level, you can do quests for your class/racial leader which will may take you all over azeroth. These quests could give reputation, usable and transmog gear as well as class/race specific vanity pets or mounts as rewards. I also think these could be weekly chain quests where you would be able to do part of the quest chain every day. Imagine being a dk at max level, getting a quest from Darion Mograin where you find out that he is trying find all the broken pieces of frostmourne for whatever reason and you end up looking for them in different parts of azeroth like the plaguelands, northrend, tirisfal glades ect. My lore is rusty to say the least but besides anything i said that may interfere with that, I would love to know what you think about this idea. If its bad just tell me so, im not the type that can't take constructive criticism. (also please forgive any spelling/grammer errors i might of made)

Sincerely Boogyman (unholy dk) of the guild Preeminence on the realm Draka

Gallows asks:

Sup guys! Awesome work and all that, I hope Rossi is partaking in the Movember festivities.

Anyway, I've got a question about the Titans and how they're viewed by the inhabitants of Azeroth. While reading through some Sargeras lore, I dated back to his father and mother etc, both of which being members of the Pantheon: Aman'Thul being his dad a Shaman by class and his mother Eonar a Healer/Druid of the Wild. I was wondering why aren't these two figures and similar Titans of other classes worshiped/Idolised by the Shamans/Druids etc on Azeroth today? Or is all that irrelevant because the Azerothians don't know anything/much about them? If that's the case, if they did know about them do you think the classes of Azeroth would see them as the leaders of their classes?

Gallows – Belf Warrior – Progress Denied – Kazzak EU

Lytheum asks:

I love the show! It's always informative with a decent laugh or two. Going to work is more bearable knowing I get to listen on the way.

My question is:
At the top of the pandaria map, I'm sure the little island is labelled "zandalari isle", but I can't get an image with a clear view when I zoom in....

Are we going to see the troll issue come to a head in mists of pandaria?? Doesn't it seem a little out of place when looking at the direction they seem to be headed with this expansion?

Again, love the show!

With regards from New Zealand,

Lytheum of Barthilas

Goarther writes in:

Hey Guys (and maybe girls), love the show.

I just have a question regarding Blizzards announcement at Blizzcon that the Pandaren were originally going to be the Alliance race in BC. I know in a previous show you had talked about how an original race idea for the Alliance were robots. Just curious if there were any Pandaren in the BC art book or if you have any idea if robots came before or after the idea for Pandaren as the Alliance race.

Also, if Wowinsider were to become a raid the comment system would claim more lives than any elevator. Also, the heroic only boss would be a vehicle fight against MatMatt the Ogre and his pal Sacco driving through the wilds of Manitoba.

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