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Best Buy selling Mario, Zelda 3DS bundles for Black Friday [update: Zelda bundle is the special edition!]


Best Buy's Black Friday ad is eerily similar to Walmart's in its list of game discounts, but features something we didn't see in the Walmart ad: holiday 3DS bundles. For $179, you'll be able to pick up either a Cosmo Black system with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D or a Flare Red system with Super Mario 3D Land, a savings of $30 over buying separately.

Unfortunately, the systems included in the bundles are the normal 3DS colors, and not the spectacular custom-designed 3DS in the European Zelda bundle. On the upside, that means we won't be among those battling you on Black Friday morning.

Update: The GameStop Black Friday ad shows a clearer picture of the Zelda bundle -- and it is the special Zelda 3DS!

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