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Gemception: Gem Collector, a video game built within Minecraft

Jordan Mallory

We're pretty dang hard to flabbergast around these parts, especially when it comes to Minecraft and the various crafty things people do in there. Our old hearts have all but dried up, and the glimmer in our eyes has slowly dimmed, leaving behind a glazed, absent stare. We're dusty and bitter and hard to impress, so we mean it when we say that this Minecraft mod is the craziest damn thing we've ever seen.

Rezz and Psycho_ewt of Theorycrafting have created an actual, honest to God video-game inside of Minecraft. Gemception: Gem Collector uses a mechanical computer made of incomprehensible, alchemical devices like "demultiplexers" to operate two screens, an NES controller, and track the player's health. It really has to be seen to be believed, so watch the video above and then hit the source link to download and run the monstrous creation yourself.

[Thanks, Simon!]

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