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Weekly WoW News Videocast for Nov. 12, 2011

For the past month, we've been secretly developing plans to introduce a new weekly videocast of all the WoW news, to replace (or potentially complement) the Weekly News Podcast. We're pleased to bring you the first episode of our videocast today, right from the desks of the WoW Insider staff.

This is just the beginning ... We want to know what you think, what you'd like to see, and any tips you have at making it more informative. Some things we're looking at doing in the future including moving it to a true HD format, adding a bunch of interstitial images, and potentially using some in-game video footage where appropriate. We're starting small and will build up, just like other projects we've undertaken.

So take a look, let us know!

This week's top stories include:

And of course, stay tuned for our normal podcast, which runs every week on Tuesday morning.

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