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Appcelerator: iOS still has highest developer interest, Kindle Fire heating up


The latest Appcelerator survey says developers are still most interested in putting together apps for the iOS platform, with 91 percent of them "very interested" in developing for the iPhone, and 88 percent going for the iPad. iOS 5 was also cited by developers surveyed as the most significant announcement for mobile in the last quarter.

But just because iOS is leading the pack doesn't mean developers aren't still looking at other platforms. In fact, the Kindle Fire is shooting up the charts of developer interest, and it's sitting at just a few points lower (49 compared to 53 percent) than the iPad was back when it launched. Android in general has been tempting developer interest, but the Kindle Fire specifically has developers giving it a serious look.

That said, reviews are coming out today on the Fire (just as the device is shipping), and they say that the device doesn't have much to offer besides price when compared to the iPad. But as any freemium developer knows, a cheaper price can make for a bigger install base. If the Kindle Fire turns out to burn up the tablet charts, we could see more developers heading off to that platform in the future.

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