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Google's 'These Go To Eleven' Android event starts at 5PM ET, get your liveblog here!

Darren Murph

It's just about that time, kids. And by "that time," we mean "time for Google to pull some kind of LA-themed rabbit out of an LA-based hat." The Mountain View monster has rolled down I-5 today in order to throw a "These Go To Eleven" event, presumably in conjunction with T-Mobile. What's on the docket? A Google Music that actually sells stuff? A Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile? A Google Music store that only runs on T-Mobile's Galaxy Nexus while positioned in the greater Los Angeles area? Feel free to let your imagination run (a little) wild in comments below, and check back right here at the time listed below (2PM local time, for the Californicators) for our blow-by-blow liveblog coverage.

Wed Nov 16 05:00:00 PM EST 2011

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