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Horsing around in NBA 2K12's Legend Showcase DLC


NBA 2K12's upcoming DLC pack, Legends Showcase, adds a whopping number of NBA legends into the game, along with a new Times Square-themed court and a cel-shaded texture pack for use in that specific court. It also adds something completely weird and awesome: Horse.

It's just such an odd juxtaposition next to the best-selling basketball sim on the market today. Now, before you start envisioning some kind of mimic my spin then copy my lay-up kind of Horse, don't panic: it's nothing like that. These are the more traditional trick shots you've possibly tried yourself in the past; granny throws, shooting from the sitting position and tossing two balls off a rooftop are a few of the trick shots you can use.

These shots are all contextual. As you move further away from the basket, your allotted trick shots change. There are also slight modifiers you can add, such as calling a bank shot or a swish shot, in which the ball bounces off the backboard or only touches net, respectively. These tweaks add a bit more dynamic, making it harder to set or mimic the current shot benchmark.

Curiously, all of the DLC's content and Horse are all local experiences only. No online Horse with your friends, I'm afraid. But that's not even the biggest disappointment, it's that Horse is tied to the DLC, which is tied to the retail product. It could honestly be its own standalone experience.

So here's what I'm going to do, 2K Sports. I'm going to tell you how to make tons of money. Okay, ready? Here you go: Horse on iPad. There, you're welcome. Enjoy all of that cash.

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