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Samsung Omnia W slides through FCC with North American 3G support

Zachary Lutz

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The Omnia W isn't exactly a stranger among Julius Genachowski's minions, who first laid eyes upon the device back in October, but apparently, that first round of scrutiny just wasn't enough. That's right. The Omnia W is back, with one fundamental change: unlike the first handset (GT-I8350), which maxes out at EDGE connectivity on our domestic 1900 / 850MHz bands, the latest model (GT-I8350T) has piled on support for WCDMA and HSPA over the 850MHz spectrum. Given the similarity of AT&T's Focus Flash to the Omnia W, it seems terribly unlikely that this one is bound for the States -- which also suggests that this mid-sized Mango may have Canada squarely within its sights. With the utter absence of Windows Phone at Bell and Rogers, and merely the Optimus 7 at Telus, the arrival of some tropical fruit up north seems long overdue, indeed.

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