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Eligium dates closed beta, goes toe-to-toe with Jedi and Sith


Hey, do you have plans for December 19th? We didn't think so. Good thing that Frogster is here to save us from holiday boredom with the closed beta for Eligium!

That's right -- Eligium is heading into closed beta on the 19th, which is pretty gutsy considering that a majority of the MMO community might have something else on their mind come that date. Then again, the allure of Panda Monks might overcome gamers' curiosity.

Players interested in testing this fantasy MMO need to head over to the official website to register for the beta and then cross their fingers that a key will be sent their way. Frogster is limiting the size of the beta to test the servers and game mechanics properly. Also, the company has also said that, yes, as with most betas, Eligium's closed beta characters will definitely be wiped at some point.

[Thanks to Piaskowy for the tip!]

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