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Activision hits 4 million Elite subscribers, adjusts MW3 player numbers


While Activision scrambles to repair Call of Duty Elite, it seems more and more users are piling onto the beleaguered service. The company today announced that the service managed to acquire four million registrations in its first six days of (sort of) operation. What's more, one million of those are paid memberships, leading us to ponder how much $49.99 times 1 million is. Our math skills are rusty, but we're fairly certain the number is pretty big. Furthermore, Activision also revealed that the service has seen more than one million daily logins, and users have already created over 80,000 clans and uploaded more than 100,000 videos.

In other news, Activision issued a correction on Modern Warfare 3's day one player numbers. The company previously announced that the FPS juggernaut pulled in 3.3 million simultaneous players on launch day, November 8. Turns out the real number is under half of that at 1.4 million. There were, however, 3.3 million unique games played on launch day. That's still pretty good, we suppose.

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