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The Engadget Mobile Turkeycast, live at 2PM ET with guest Phil Nickinson!

Brad Molen

If you're hoping to get ready for the holiday by listening to a few turkeys, we have the perfect solution for you: Myriam Joire, Brad Molen and Joseph Volpe. Oh, and Phil Nickinson from Android Central will be thrown into the mobile oven as well. So join us, each and every one of you, for the Engadget Mobile Podcast Turkeycast, live at 2PM ET!

Note: While we're recording the podcast early this week, it likely won't be downloadable until this weekend due to the holiday. All the more reason to join us live!

And we're done! Thanks to everyone for listening and we'll be back next Friday afternoon at the usual time. We'll have another special guest next week, as Nicole Scott from Netbook News should be joining us. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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